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One of the most common issues with the BW data loads is the incorrect data from the source system. For occasional failures we edit the PSA records instead of using a routine since it doesn't needs development work and transports.  If we need to correct multiple records then it will be pain to correct them one-by-one. In this blog, I will show how to correct multiple records at once.


  1. You have loaded the data and it failed with incorrect data. You have checked the PSA records and noticed there are multiple records with the same issue.

   2. You can filter the records which have incorrect data and select all the records and click on ‘Edit’ button.

    3. A blank record opens up on a pop-up screen.  Enter the correct data and save.

   4. Now you can check that the data is corrected for all the records you have selected.

Don't forget to notify the  owners/analysts to correct the data in the source system :smile:

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