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“Automated detection and recognition of vehicle damage increases transparency and credibility in a system of frequently changing drivers, such as car rental or car sharing business”

Renting a car can be stressful, complicated and lead to disputes between customer and rental company about being (unfair and illegal) charged for damage.

  • Rental companies hold drivers liable for anything that happens to the vehicle during the rental period.

  • Customers complain that the damage occurred before or after the rental period, or pre-existing damage was not properly recorded by employees.

  • It is essential to have a secure and tamperproof pre/post-rental car damage report before/after driving the vehicle.

At itelligence we have developed a solution to showcase the “Automation of Rental Car Damage Detection” powered by SAP SCP with components of SAP Leonardo, UX, AI/Machine Learning and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

We use Image recognition to identify the vehicle. With a mobile App, an employee can capture the (pre- and post-rental) condition of the vehicle: We call this the Proof of state, which is stored as unchangeable data on the Blockchain. After returning the car, the post-rental state of the vehicle is recorded and the pictures are sent for analysis (Machine Learning). A model (ML) is trained to detect damages, eg. scratches, dents. Finally, Customer & Rental company agree on damage report according to contract and tamperproof vehicle information. In future smart contracts can be deployed to execute a cost report according to contractual agreements.

With Image Recognition (IR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for capturing a vehicle condition, using Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain (BC) for automatic detection and recognition of vehicle damage, we deploy and integrate a number of innovative and emerging technologies in order to optimize the service and transparency for the rental car business and aftermarket industry.

Benefits and Outcomes can be expected in different areas:


  • Credibility and Trust between Customer and Company

  • Faster and Easier Check-out Procedure

  • Lower maintenance cost by unreported or concealed damages

  • Value added service to improve rental service


  • Enhanced technologies for Automated Damage Detection:

  • Image Recognition

  • Machine Learning/AI

  • Blockchain

  • Object Storage

  • UX (Mobile App)

Human Empowerment:

  • Enhanced user experience through digitisation, enhanced technologies in car rental service

  • Transparency overall

  • Damage Inspection App to empower employees for better customer service


Very happy that see that this solution has been accepted for the SAP Innovation Awards team.

Check out our Innovation story at:

At itelligence, we focus on SAP solutions to create value for our clients. As a partner, we help them transform, grow and be more successful.

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