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This guide provides instructions on how to download & upload Decision Table from Rules Manager in Excel format.

Note: This Document Holds good for all CE 7.3 SPXX.

Step 1: Log in to rules manager using the url http://<Server>:<port>/rulesmanager

Note : Use the user to log in which has the following roles assigned to it: SAP_BRM_ADMIN & this role has full rights asigned for the following project.

Step 2: Select the Rules Projects , click on open project and go select Active Version:

Step 3: Select the "RuleSet" for which the version is to be checked.

Step 4: Expand the "Decision Table" on clicking on the . Select the "Decision Table".

Download or Export "Decision Table" Values

Step 1 : To Download or export "Decision Table" Values Click on the "Export" Button.

Step 2 : A popup will open up as shown below. Click on save to download or export "Decision Table" Values.

Step 3 : Save it and open it. You can see the "Decision Table" Values.

Upload or Import "Decision Table" Values

Step 1 : To Upload or Import "Decision Table" Values Click on the "Import" Button.

Step 2 : A popup will open up as shown below. Click on "Browse" button first to Select the Excel you wish to upload to the "Decision Table".

Step 3 : Click on "Upload" Button.

Step 4 : Enter Comments you wish to enter as shown below. Select the "Activate Changes" Check box as shown below. Finally Click on "Submit Changes" button to complete the Upload or Import process.

To Check the changes has reflected or not you can check the version.

Note: To know how to check the version How to check the changes made in Rules & Decision Table in CE 7.3

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