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  1. You will need txt file like this below with the Business Roles in the first column and the privileges that will be added to the BR in the second column.

     2. After you have created the txt file in the Job folder you should create a job to fill a temporary table with the data from the file.

  • First pass will read the data from a txt file and will store it in a temporary table
  • Second pass will read the data from a temporary table and the will add the privileges to the Business Roles

     3.Pass - Mass assign of privileges to Business Role will look like:

  • In the source tab will be a simple select that will returns Business_roles and Privileges
  • In the destination tab will have:

Note: link for a similar tool -SAP IdM  Custom Add-on for Managing the Business Roles inside IdM(Authorization Matrix) - on WD&SAPU...

Hope you like it :smile:

Simona Lincheva

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