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Some times user working in SAP Business Objects Enterprise system finds difficulties to display the logged In user in Xcelisus Dashboards.

In Web Intelligence reports one can easily view the logged in User through =GetCurrentUser() variable.

But the problem occurs in Xcelisus part where you cant display the user directly.

In this article I will show you what are the steps required to display the user Id in a dummy dashboard.

Please find below the steps to prepare the dashboard:-

1.Add a label component from components pane to the dashboard.

2.Link/Bind the label component to any cell in the underlying excel spreadsheet.

3.Now go to Data --> Connections and add a Flash Variables connection.


4.Configure the connection with Variable Format as XML,Range Name as CESerializedSession and bind the Range to the excel cell where label component is  mapped/bind.

5.Now export the dashboard to Business Objects enterprise.

6.When you log in from BI Launchpad you will see the output of CESerializedSession comes in a large string which consists the logged In user also which is visible from the lable output.

7.In my system as i was using SAP Authentication for logged In users the string contained BWP~100 followed by my Log-In User credentials.

In my case I calculated the position of BWP~100 which always come preceding to the logged in user id.

8.Use this in excel Sheet.


Here D8 is my mapped cell to the label,and i am finding the position of BWP~100.

Then i applied Substring function to get our desired part.

As our user id was of 6 digits I am applying MID(D8,D10+8,6)

Here i am assuming that the logged In user id will be of 6 character long.
If it is of any other length we need to change the 6 to the desired character length


9. Attached sample screenshots when i logged on through 2 different ids.


So easily you can display the user Id in SAP Xcelsius Dashbord and do any types of selective Process.
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