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How to display Crystal Report in multiple languages                                                   

Applies to:

All SAP Business Objects versions


This article describes how to display Crystal Report content in multiple languages by selecting language options through parameter fields.

Author:Suresh Babu Kommuri

Designation: SAP BO Consultant

Company:      Gauri Technologies Pvt Limited

E-Mail:            sureshbabu [dot] k [at the rate]                                                 

Created on:   27th August 2013

Table of contents
3.Creating Parameter fields3
4.Creating Details sections4
5.Applying formula in each Detail section4
6.Related Content6
7.Disclaimer and Liability Notice

1.     Overview

Purpose of this document is to demonstrate the display crystal reports in multiple languages by selecting language options in parameter fields. The report will display in selected language.

2.     Assumptions

The document assumes that the target audience is aware of the process that involve

  • Experience in Crystal reports.
  • Respective language fields should be available in residence database.
  • Respective language “.dll” files should be installed in your landscape when you installed your crystal reports Software as per client requirements.

3.     Creating Parameter fields

First we need to create parameter field for language as input selection for User. Enter the respective languages Names under value section as highlighted below. And select the default value under Value options as English or any other language user required.

4.     Creating Details sections

You have to create detail section for each language field like in the below screenshot and insert respective field in each detail section.

In case the both fields are coming from different data-sources then you have to create sub-reports for each language fields on top of respective data-source and have to insert into respective detail section.

5.     Applying formula in each Detail section

Click on section expert button and apply formula in the “Suppress (no Drill-Down)” area.

Example: If user wants to see the report in Welsh Language, Then Write the formula as highlighted below in the “English” field detail section. This will suppress all the information in English Language. Check the formula for errors and save and close it.

English Output:

And also You have to suppress if prompt selection is English then apply formula in the welsh field details like (?Enter language) = ‘English’. Check the formula for errors and save and close it. In the same manner you have to apply in the other detail section also.

Welsh Output:

Hence, when you refresh the report by using selected language parameter field the report will display in the selected language and also it will display in bilingual when you choose this option from language parameter field drop down list.

Bilingual output:

6.     Related Content

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