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Use Case:

  • With LAMA, you can easily stop, start, or restart SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) and SAP Data Services (BODS) either for multiple instances all at once or for individual instances.

  • With LAMA, you can easily stop, start, or restart individually of SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) and SAP Data Services (BODS) such as Apache Tomcat, BOBJ services, and BODS job server.


  • Discovering BOBJ/BODS servers into LaMa is not straightforward.

  • We need to onboard them as custom instances.


  • SAP BOBJ servers should be installed on “/usr/sap/<SID>/sap_bobj” for this process.

  • SAP BODS servers should be installed on “/usr/sap/<SID>/sap_bobj/dataservices” for this process.



  1. Prepare Each BOBJ/BODS servers host very much like SAP ABAP system

    1. Installing or upgrading Host agent to least

      • Linux command to Install (from downloaded SAPHOSTAGENT path): ./saphostexec -install


      • Linux command to Upgrade: /usr/sap/hostcrtl/exe/saphostexec —upgrade —archive <path to downloaded SAPHOSTAGENT version>.SAR

    1. SAP Adaptive Extensions Installation (Linux command):

      • /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapacosprep -a InstallAcExt -m /tmp/<path to downloaded SAPACEXT version>.SAR

  1. Add below parameters on host agent profile “host_profile” on “/usr/sap/hostcrtl/exe”

    • service/admin_users = sapadm <sid>adm

    • service/protectedwebmethods = NONE

  2. Reset sapadm user password.

    • Linux command to change sapadm password: passwd sapadm

  3. Create pool if it’s not there before.

    • From LAMA portal: Configuration -> Pools -> Add Pool.

  4. Download scripts files from below links and unzip them copy into “/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/operations.d” path based on BOBJ or BODS app server in all hosts

  5. Discover System

    • LaMa Configuration (Legacy Web Portal) -->Systems--> Discover

    • Give mandatary details like hostname, sapadm, password.

    • Detect

    • Select the pool and click Auto Assign

    • Next -->Next --> Save.




You now have a simple and convenient way to control your BOBJ and BODS servers from LAMA. Whether you want to stop, start, or restart them, you can easily do it with just a few clicks. You can also manage specific services like Tomcat, BOBJ, and BODS jobserver individually, giving you more flexibility and control.
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