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Purpose of this web log is to develop and manage composite application using design time tool. It covers typical procedures when working with the composite designer in CE 7.1.1 (Galaxy Environment).




This web log will deal with a simple scenario of Business Trip Approval and creation of processes, Business logic and connection between Process, UI and business logic using Composite Designer and Process Composer. This web log will also contain the information about how to deploy it with SAP AS Java.


I started this scenario, to test the design time tool of CE 7.1, and I created the whole scenario and deployed it to SAP AS Java. At the time of process creation I came across the uses of BPMN and how to use it in proper way.


To begin the development process, we first need to create a product that allows us to structure and build our composite application according to SAP's component model and finally bundle all components of the application into one delivery unit.



Create a Process


Open the Composite Designer -> select Process from Palette and drag drop to Process layer in composite designer. In the wizard give the name of the scenario.



After the creation of process, you will see the Process Icon in process layer in composite designer editor. Double click on the name given by you to process and then it will open one editor (Process Composer). Follow these steps to create the process flow.


Create a Pool.


A pool is a container in which we model our processes. To create a pool, expand Swimlanes from the palette in the Process Composer and select Pool. Drags drop it to Process composer area and change the name properties.


Add Lanes to the Pool


A lane is a sub partition of a pool. Each lane represents a function or a role. To add a lane, expand Swimlanes from the palette in the Process Composer and select Lane. Add the lane element from the palette to name area of the pool using drag-and-drop. In "Properties" view, enter "Employee" as the lane name ("Lane" > "General" > "Name")

Create a second lane with the name "Manager" in the same way.



Add a Start and End Event


To add a start and an end point to our process, we need to create two flow objects, the start event and the end event.

Choose "Start" from the palette and add it to the "Employee" lane using drag-and-drop.

In the "Properties" view, enter "Request" as the event name ("Start Event" > "General" > "Name").

Create an end event with the name "Approval" in the same way.


Add User Activities and Task


Add the human activity element from the palette to the "Employee" lane using drag-and-drop.

In the "Properties" view, enter "Send Request" as activity name ("Human Activity" > "General" > "Name").

In the "Properties" view, choose "Task" and create a task with the name "Send Request" (Use the "New..." option from the list box to create a new task).



Create a second human activity with the name "Approve" in the "Manager" lane. Create also a new task for this activity with the name "Manager Approval".



Add a Gateway


To add a gateway, expand Gateways from the palette in the Process Composer. Choose "Exclusive Choice" element from the palette and add it to the "Employee" lane.

Enter the name "Approve" for the gateway.


Now we need to define the process flow. To connect the flow objects, expand Connections from the palette in the Process Composer, select the Sequence Flow element and continue with the procedure as follows:


Connect the start event and the "Send Request" activity in the editor area.

Connect the "Send Request" activity and the "Approve" activity.

Connect the "Approve" human activity and the "Approve" gateway.

Connect the "Approve" gateway and the "Approval" end event.

Connect the "Approve" gateway and the "Send Request" activity.



Select the connection between the "Approve" gateway and the end event, open the context menu and choose "Default Gate".

We can also see the links and activities created by us in Outline window.


Assign Service Interfaces


Choose the "Request" start event in the Process Composer.


In the "Properties" view, select "DefaultService" and the operation "Empty" to assign the service interface ("Start Event" > "Service Interfaces").


Repeat the last step for the "Approval" end event.


Here we are done with the creation of process in process composer. Next web log will continue with Business logic creation, UI creation and connection between these two layers with Process layer which we just created and the deployment of this application on SAP AS Java.

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