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Warning. The instructions in this blog are not recommend by SAP. The actions taken do appear in various security audit logs, and may be forbidden in your company. Furthermore, if they are done incorrectly, they could cause parts of your BW system to become inoperable, without support from SAP to fix. Use at your own risk.


Scenario 1 :

At times, we will be struck while activating requests in a DSO due to some incorrect request deletions in DSO. But these requests might still exists in some database tables like RSICCONT, RSODSACTREQ etc..

Scenario 2 :

Intialization requests would have been deleted from Infopackage-->Scheduler menu. But these requests would have been existing in RSSDLINIT, RSSELDONE, RSREQDONE tables etc..

Unless, we delete these bad requests from the above tables, we will not be able to move forward. The following procedure will help us to delete the requests from the back-end. I strongly advice you to follow this procedure in extreme situations only.

Step 1: Goto the DB table in SE16

Step 2: Enter the Request Num and press execute

Step 3: Sometimes we may not have authority to delete the table entries, delete options will be disabled like below

Step 4: Select the entry and click on Spectacles button and enter /H in the command prompt and press Enter twice

Step 5 :  You will get into debug screen  and observe Code = Show, right hand side screen will have no entries

Step 6 : Double click on Code like below, then you will see an entry in the right hand side.

Step 7 : Please double click on pencil button and type DELE

Step 8 : Click on save on top of debug screen and press F8, then you will get delete entry like below. Press on it to delete the entry.

Conclusion : You can make use this procedure to delete any DB table entries. You must have a debug access to do this. Please be careful while using this procedure. You can take up this procedure in extreme situations only.

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