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Many times we got issues for debugging of Idoc

This document will help you in understand the steps  in debugging of both inbound idoc and outbound idoc

Debugging of Inbound idoc

Whenever you gets any idoc with error , go to WE02 and enter the idoc number . by default system gives current date s remove creation date,system will identify idoc by just idoc number on executing it ,you will get the details of idoc  like three sections .

1. First one is control record which  contain the information of creator of idoc , who is the sender,who is receiver like all these idoc administration details .

2. Second section is Data record .this section contains the complete information of the data which is being came in idoc from the other system. in this ,there will be so many segments like E1EDK01 ,E1EDP01  etc.The first data record contains the document number whose information came and appearing in different different segments .

3.Third section will be status recrd and it will contains all the status like idoc processed successfully (53 status , success one  )  application document not posted (status 51 ,error status )  dispatch ok (status 12 ) status 68 ( to make idoc  unnecessary and not for processing further  etc )

4. Now after seeing all these you need to see the error message in status record i.e 51 status error message .copy the message number and paste it in SE91 transaction with the message class and message number .now that message will come and find the where used list of that message .Now put breakpoints on all those message

5. Then go to WE20 transaction and see the partner profile of that idoc under LS  or LI or KU etc partner sections .On finding the partner ,see the message type of  our failed idoc  , then double click on that message type in inbound section .then see the message code or process code written there .Now you will find a Function Module name which is responsible for  processing .

6.Then double click on that Fm and search for  "Call  function in global search.put the breakpoints at CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION  ' OO1 '  INSIDE THAT you will  find and include .enter int that include and  search for your segment in global search or search for that error message and put break point there.

7.Now you are almost done .Go to BD87 and enter the idoc number and execute it .in the last you will find a drop down which contain the idco error message .Just select it and click on process  and then you will come into debugging ode

now just see how the values are getting filled where the message is appearing what condition is failing .then you can find the exact cause of idoc failure .

hope this document will be helpful to everyone and you will really like it for your use.

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