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Many times  the Functional Person asked us to debug the failed job in any of SAP module like SD, MM ,PP ,PM ,FI etc.

In such scenario this document will be so much helpful to you.

1. First step is Go to SM37 (Job transaction ) and enter the job name and  put * in the name f creator

2. Then remove the dates and just  deselect all the checkboxes on selection  screen except Cancelled and then execute it.

3. Then on the next screen you will find the job details .Click on the job log tab to see the details of job like which program is responsible for this job and then variant nae etc. and at which step job got failed.

4. Then click on step tab.there you can find the variant used and its detail.

5. Now select the job and in the command bar,just type JDBG and press enter.

6. Then you will come into debugging screen.

7. Now Keep pressing F7 until you reaches to the report used in job .

8. Then keep pressing F5 and F6 so that you can reach to that particular place where the job is getting failed .

Now see how the values are getting filled and what's going wrong so that you can find out the cause of job failure and send your analysis .

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