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A very common requirement in any Solution Manager ITSM implementation or ChaRM Implementation is to have different views for different set of users.


Similarly in the case, where we have multiple transaction type for incident, request for change we always come to a situation where we need to bifurcate the views for different set/kind of user’s. It may be end user or it can be administrators.


This requirement can be achieved via Business Role concept of Solution Manager ITSM/ChaRM part without any development


Let us take an example of 2 different transaction type for incident ZMIN and YMIN which are copies of SMIN.


I assume you have configured as per solman_setup->ITSM already aligned to incident requirement as per case.If not check below link.

How to configure SAP Solution Manager Incident Management with SOLMAN_SETUP - Solution Manager - SCN...


Verify the transaction type in SPRO.

I have 2 transaction types here


Incident Y - YMIN transaction copy of standard SMIN transaction for Incident.

Incident Z - ZMIN transaction copy of standard SMIN transaction for Incident.


Similarly, there are 2 different Business Role's which have been created by copy of SOLMANPRO as below


YSOLMANPRO for YMIN Transaction Type -> Incident Y

ZSOLMANPRO for ZMIN Transaction Type -> Incident Z


Please follow the below link if you need to know how to create a custom Business Role.

IT Service Management Roles and Authorizations - SAP IT Service Management on SAP Solution Manager -...


Further, assign the Business Roles first to your user via the PFCG roles attached to them as mentioned above for configuring them further.


Step 1: Enter tcode sm_crm and it will present below option.


Please note make sure the ID you have used have both PFCG roles assigned which are attached to Business Roles.


Step 2: Now click on say YSOLMANPRO and initial home page will open.


Step 3: Let say we have to make changes in the incident creation screen, Click the button option for Create Incident and in the pop up choose YMIN Transaction Type. The below screen shows the standard layout and we now have to goto configuration mode to adapt as per requirement.


Make sure you have enabled the configuration mode and if not check below link

How to enable configuration mode in WEB UI browser - CRM - SCN Wiki


Step 4: In order to configure the Assignment block, click on configure page option as shown below.



Step 5: Make sure to copy it to your custom values as below


Step 6: Now hide/Add/Remove as per requirement as example shown.

Step 7: Now creating Incident Y with Business Role YSOLMANPRO will produce below view.

Optional Step Similarly, if we want to configure fields in a block then choose below and proceed with copying from standard and adapting as per need.


Now we repeat above steps 1-7 for ZMIN in the ZSOLMANPRO Business Role.


Further once we assign the PFCG role according to our requirement to users for ZSOLMANPRO or YSOLMANPRO, we allow users to see different views as per requirement.

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