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Bookmark is an interesting feature in SAP Analytics Cloud with which we can store specific state or scenarios created in a story (such as resetting filters, input controls, prompts, explorer views, variances for analyzing the data in different scenarios) without creating multiple personal copies of the same. We can either save these bookmarks as a personal view in a story or we can also publish it as a global view so that all other users who has access to the story can view the same. Finally once bookmarks are created, we can also share it with individual users/teams as well.
In this blog, I am going to explain how to create, open and share bookmark in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Below are the steps involved in :

How to Bookmark Current State:

Step 1: Open an existing story in default view.

Step 2: Reset the story filter and Input Control to show data for a different scenario, for example: a user from location California would like to open the story in default view to see global data but also wants to see data for a different scenario like only for that specific location and for date 2016,
Reset Story filter Location > California and Input Control > 2016.


Step 3: Go to tools from menu > Select Bookmark > Click on Bookmark Current State.


Step 4: Give a name for the bookmark, decide whether to make a personal or global bookmark and decide whether to display it as new default view and then save the bookmark.

The bookmark will be saved to the list of bookmarks.


How to Open a saved Bookmark:

Step 1: Open the story, from the menu select Bookmark > Select Open Saved Bookmark.

Under My Bookmarks, we can see all the saved personal bookmarks and the Global Bookmarks will appear under Global Bookmarks area.



Step 2: The story opens the customized settings i.e., with story filter Location as California and Input Control Date as 2016.


How to share a Personal Bookmark:

Step 1: Open the story, from the menu select Bookmark > Select Open Saved Bookmark then click on share option. We can also Edit the existing bookmark or delete it by selecting the appropriate option as shown below.


Step 2: Add all the users/ teams by typing the user/team name or select Available members icon (on right side of search bar) to see list of users /teams available. Then select share.

In this way we can implement bookmark in SAP Analytics Cloud.


  • Bookmarking functionality is very good feature in SAC where users can create multiple scenarios and easily switch between them within the story itself without creating different private versions/copies of the story.

  • Bookmarks can be created , shared with other users who has relevant access and also can be published as global view where all the users who has access to the story can view it.

  • This functionality is supported on mobile devices, but one limitation is that the default bookmark can be changed only in the browser.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you find it beneficial.
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