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Steps to create LCRSAPRFC

1. Goto SM59 Tcode.

2. In node TCP/IP Connections (T), Create.

3. RFC Destination Name : LCRSAPRFC

4. In "Technical Settings" Tab,

    - Choose the option "Registered server Program"

    - Program ID : LCRSAPRFC_<SID>

    - Choose "Default Gateway Value"

    - In CPI-C timeout, Choose "Default Gateway Value"

    - In Gateway Options, Gateway Host : <Host Name>

                                        Gateway Service: SAPGW<Instance number>

5. Save.

6. Click on "Connection Test" button.

Note<SID> - Instance name of the PI/SolMan system hosted.

           <Host Name>  - Server Name where PI/SolMan system hosted.

            <Instance Number>  - instance number of PI/SolMan system.

                                                    Example : 00

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