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"How to create custom workstreams and deliverables in SAP Cloud ALM?", that was what I had in my mind recently.

I really like Cloud ALM for its in-built Activate Framework, Agile and Scrum etc.

and associated workstreams, deliverables, tasks and accelerators thereunder.

So, I have searched in Google for how to create custom workstreams and deliverables in SAP Cloud ALM, but with no luck. Maybe it is hidden somewhere.
It was Sunday and also my fun day to explore functionalities in SAP Cloud ALM.
After spending some time in SAP Cloud ALM, I figured out how to do it.

Suppose that I need to add some more project tasks or let's say want to manage two projects under one template. For example, readily available SAP Activate Task Template Rise with S4HANA Cloud, private Editon may not fit if we manage 2 projects such as S4HANA conversion and BW4HANA conversion within the same time frame. Such combined or hybrid scenarios are not currently available.

Or you may want to create your own workstreams from scratch for your own valid reasons.

Imagine that you have too many independent/detached project tasks (not associated and cannot be meaningfully associated with a workstream/deliverable in standard task template), it might be a nightmare in highly complex landscapes during implementation/conversion projects. In such cases or for some other reasons (starting from scratch with no task template and using Cloud ALM not for whole implementation but only for testing either SAP or non-SAP solutions in a streamlined fashion) Since streamlined activities in the form of workstreams, deliverables and template or project tasks are essence of Activate framework, we are better off starting with creation of workstream and deliverables.

For demonstration purposes, I will start with a project with no task template as shown below. Even if I do not select any task template project will contain 4 tasks under Cloud ALM Setup assuming we will use it for a project and expects to perform these tasks.


What if I want to really start from scratch? Well, I have to select each task one by one, then first set to obsolete and then delete them, or simple stay safer by setting obsolete without deleting. But make sure to leave at least one task template for downloading to Excel.

My aim is to create my own custom workstreams, deliverables and project tasks (or upload from an Excel file created somewhere else).

Click download and choose for Update.

Open file clicking on it.

Then type only Title (project task), Workstream and Deliverable.

Save it.

Now upload.

Bad thing is that once created, there is no way of deleting workstreams or deliverables. Excel Upload is not in overwrite but additive form. (Maybe there is a way of doing it, but I do not know yet or it might be on Cloud ALM Roadmap in future.)

Click Update and Create

Adapt filter by selecting Workstream and Deliverable to see them.

Actually, there is much to write about, but you should discover it.
Just create a demo project, discover (first phase in activate) these features. Then archive it.

One last remark;
Although I have created a custom workstream and deliverable in one go.
Once a workstream created, additional deliverables can be created leaving workstream column empty (or writing the same created workstream).
In this way you create many deliverables associated with one workstream, then either directly from Excel or within Cloud ALM you can assign Timeboxes.

Important point is when to create a workstream, when just proceed with deliverables.
Simply proceed with deliverables; if your deliverables can be meaningfully associated with existing workstreams (indirectly with existing roles), then just create a deliverable (outcomes) to associate project task thereunder and assign it to an existing workstream.

If your project has high requirements, and existing workstreams (indirectly standart roles or custom roles derived from standart roles) are not perfect fit,
You use people with different skillset which cannot be assigned to standart roles, meaning their workstream, deliverables and tasks are off-standard.
Then you should create your own custom workstream and name it meaningfully just like all deliverables associated with the same extending over different phases.

In Cloud ALM, I would like to see following features;
Backup and restore: not like in active/archived in project set up section,
but like recovery in time, so that adding removing wrong workstreams/deliverables can be restored back (Excel only updates (adds does not restore to former state). It might be usefull especially in demo projects.
Mass "set obsolete" both for template tasks and project tasks (to hide, deactivate irrelevant items), mass delete only for project tasks (not for template tasks to preserve consistency of template tasks).
Reason, in demo projects we make many attempts, then want to mass delete them.
Doing this is one by one is really cumbersome. It would be very nice if upload button would also allow make selection (restore from Excel).

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