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Why create a custom control

SAPUI5 offers several simple controls like TextField, Label... and really complex controls like ThingCollecion, Table, etc. All SAPUI5 controls are listed here:

It is not necessary create a custom control from scratch if:

sap.ui.commons.Button.extend("MyButton", { //inherit Button definition                                      
  metadata: {
    events: {
      "hover" : {}  //new event definition hover
  //hover event handler
  onmouseover : function(evt) {
  renderer: {} //Standard renderer method is not overridden

When our requirements doesn't fit standard SAPUI5 controls and we have no choice we can create custom controls.

What is a control and how it works

A control defines its appearance and behavior. All SAPUI5 controls extend from sap.ui.core.Control. In the other hand sap.ui.core.Element are parts of Controls but without renderer method. For example a Menu (Control) has different MenuItem (Element) and Menu renders its MenuItems.

Main structure of controls:

  • properties. Allows define its appearance and behavior on initialization.
  • aggregations. Lets group controls, variables, etc. Lets define some kind of containers inside a control. For example sap.ui.table.Table has different aggregations like columns, rows, etc.
  • associations. Controls can be associated with others that are not part of them. For example if we want to render a collection with next/prev functionality we could develop a previousItem / nextItem associations.
  • events. Control events should be related to higher level events more than standard DOM events (click, mouseover, etc). For example if we develop a Control which renders many tabs, tabSelect could be an event when a tab is selected.
  • appearance. Definition of our control in screen area. Every control has a render method in order to be rendered in HTML code.

My requirement: Custom autocomplete field like Google Gmail recipients.

I need a control that lets us:

  • add/remove different values
  • find values with autocomplete function
  • see all added values

Example Google Gmail recipients field:

Step by step

1. Create new library AutoCompleteValueHolder in new package /control:

2. Define a basic template on AutoCompleteValueHolder.js in order to test if it works:

sap.ui.core.Control.extend("control.AutoCompleteValueHolder", {
    metadata : {
      properties: {},
      aggregations: {},
      events: {}
    init: function() {       
    renderer : {     
        render : function(oRm, oControl) {
          oRm.write('Hello, this is a new control :)');

3. Load your control library in html file:


4. Use your new control in a view:

var yourNewControl = new control.AutoCompleteValueHolder('yourNewControl');

5. Add custom properties, aggregations and events:

  metadata : {
    properties: {
      "codePropertyName": {type : "string", defaultValue: "code"}, //Define a model property representing an item code
      "descriptionPropertyName": {type : "string", defaultValue: "description"}, //Define a model property representing an item description
      "path": {type : "string", defaultValue: "/"}, //Define our model binding path
      "model": {type : "any", defaultValue: new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel()} //Define our model
    aggregations: {
      "_layout" : {type : "sap.ui.layout.HorizontalLayout", multiple : false, visibility: "hidden"} //Grouping of selected items and search text field
    events : {    
        "selectedItem": {},
        "deletedItem": {},
        "deletedAllItems": {}

6. Initialize control:

This method will be called when an AutoCompleteValueHolder is instantiated

init: function() {
  var oControl = this;
  //Creation of search autocomplete field
  var searchField = new sap.ui.commons.AutoComplete(this.getId() + '-searchField',{
    maxPopupItems: 5,
    displaySecondaryValues: true,
    change: function change(event) {
      if (event.mParameters.selectedItem != null) { //If user selects a list item, a new item is added to _layout aggregation
    //Every new item consist in a TextField and a Image
        var newValueField = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({
          width: '100px',
          editable: false
  //TextField shares model with other TextFields and Autocomplete. We select correct path (user selection)
        newValueField.bindProperty("value", event.getSource().getParent().getParent().mProperties.descriptionPropertyName);
        newValueField.addStyleClass('autoCompleteValueHolder_valueField');  //Custom style
  //Image let's us delete an Item. Press event will destroy TextField and Image from _layout aggregation
        var newValueImage = new sap.ui.commons.Image({
          src: '  wB5M5PywZXUzgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==',
          press: function(event){
            var valueLayout = event.getSource().getParent();
            var autoCompleteHolderLayout = event.getSource().getParent().getParent().getParent().mAggregations._layout;
//Fire deletedItem event
          allItems: oControl.getSelectedValues()
          width: '12px'
        newValueImage.addStyleClass('autoCompleteValueHolder_valueImage'); //Custom style
  //Wrapping container for TextField and Image
        var valueLayout = new sap.ui.layout.HorizontalLayout({content: [newValueField, newValueImage]});
  //Insert wrapping layout into 0 position
        event.getSource().getParent().getParent().mAggregations._layout.insertContent(valueLayout, 0);
        var content = event.getSource().getParent().getParent().mAggregations._layout.getContent();
//fire selectedItem event
          newItem: {
          code: event.mParameters.selectedItem.mProperties.additionalText,
          description: event.mParameters.selectedItem.mProperties.text
          allItems: oControl.getSelectedValues()
  //Reset value from autocomplete search field
        var search = content[content.length-1];
  searchField.addStyleClass('autoCompleteValueHolder_search'); //Custom style
  //_layout aggregation creation
  var layout = new sap.ui.layout.HorizontalLayout(this.getId() + '-valuesLayout',{allowWrapping: true});
  //Set _layout aggregation into our control
  this.setAggregation("_layout", layout);

7. Control rendering:

This method will produce html code:

renderer : {
  render : function(oRm, oControl) {
    var layout = oControl.getAggregation("_layout");
    var template = new sap.ui.core.ListItem({
      text: "{"+oControl.getDescriptionPropertyName()+"}",
      additionalText: "{"+oControl.getCodePropertyName()+"}"
    layout.getContent()[0].bindItems(oControl.getPath(), template);
    oRm.renderControl(layout); //Reuse standard HorizontalLayout render method.

8. Custom methods

This custom methods lets us get selected items or clear all selected items:

getSelectedValues: function() {
  var content = this.getAggregation("_layout").getContent();
  var result = [];
  if (content != null && content.length > 1) {
    //Get all selected item into result
    for (var i=0; i<content.length-1; i++) {
      var model = content[i].getContent()[0].getModel();
      var path = content[i].getContent()[0].getBindingContext().sPath;
  return result;
clearSelectedValues: function() {
  if (this.getAggregation("_layout").getContent() != null && this.getAggregation("_layout").getContent().length > 1) {
    //Delete all selected items (SubLayouts containing TextField+Image) from _layout aggregation
    while (this.getAggregation("_layout").getContent().length > 1) {
//fire deletedAllItemsEvent
  this.getAggregation("_layout").rerender(); //ReRenders _layout aggregation
updateModel : function (newModel, newPath, codePropertyName, descriptionPropertyName) {
    var layout = this.getAggregation("_layout");  
        var template = new sap.ui.core.ListItem({
                                                 text: "{"+this.getDescriptionPropertyName()+"}",
                                                 additionalText: "{"+this.getCodePropertyName()+"}"
        layout.getContent()[0].bindItems(this.getPath(), template);   

9. Final result:

JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

EDIT (11/02/2014): Added some enhancements (three new events, and repetead item control).

Any suggestion or feedback will be welcome :smile:


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