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This Document Demonstrate how to create Client Table( CTable ) with Pages.

Product Version : SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Enhancement Package 1.

SAP Help :

Go to Se80->Create Component ZDEMO_CTABLE with initial View and Window.

Go to View->Context Tab->Create Node INPUT.

Under INPUT Node->Create Attribute VBELN

Create Another Node CTABLE-> with dictionary structure VBAP->Click on Add Attributes from Structure.

Select Required Fields->Continue.

Change Cardinality->0-n.

Go to Layout tab->Select  rootuielementcontainer->go to code wizard->select Form->Click on Context->select INPUT Node.

Insert  Element->Create Element DISPLAY of type Button.

Insert  Element->Create Element CTABLE  of type CTable.

Right click CTable->Insert Column.

Create 5 Columns by repeating above step.

Go to-> How To Create Client Table( CTable ) With Pages Part -2.

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