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Hi All,

First of all thank you for an overwhelming response on my previous blogs.

You appreciation and recognition makes me keep going and motivates me to contribute more to the community.

Links to my previous blogs are below:

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How to create a user in SAP Cloud ALM:

  1. Go to your IAS(Identity Access Service).

  2. Create User using their email id and select the option "Send Activation Link".

  3. Then the user will get welcome email from IAS notification and the user needs to activate his/her account and set his/her password.

  4. In case, the user is not able to activate the account, then click on "forgot password" and wait for 10 mins to receive an email from SAP for password reset.

  5. Once you set/reset your password, login to your cloud alm tenant using the link that you would have got in welcome email.

  6. After this, the admin of Cloud ALM needs to assign you roles based on the requirement and usage.

  7. The roles can be assigned, in the "User Management" tab of SAP Cloud ALM.




So the user creation and on-boarding an user in SAP Cloud ALM has become very easy and rapid. The roles and user assignment is very easy and convenient.


Keep learning and keep sharing !!!

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