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Here I want to give a quick overview on Advanced Filter option on custom OWL screen with a small example.

Following are the steps:

1. Create a custom BO with required fields and screens

For example I am taking a BO with only one field which looks like the below.

Create the screens for the custom BO by right clicking the BO.

2. Configure the Advanced Filter in OWL screen

  • Create the Advanced Findform:

First of all open the OWL in UI designer and click on the "Advanced" option on upper right corner of the screen

On clicking the option a pop-up will be shown which asks whether you want to create an Advanced Findform. Click on "Yes".

  • Select the query parameters:

You can only add the Query parameters to the advanced section. To do that go to the "Controller tab" of the UI Designer and open the "Query" from the "Queries" folder. Select the elements from the query which you want in the advanced filter and click on the "Add parameter" button as shown below:

  • Bind the Query parameters:

Now create a DataField in a structure in the data model tab and click on the 3 dots in the "Value" column and select the newly created DataField.

  • Change the Structure binding status:

Select the Structure in the data model and in the Properties window change the Binding Status to "OK".

  • Add Query parameters to FindForm Pane:

Now go to the Designer tab and drag and drop the query parameters in the advanced Findform Pane.

Finally save and activate the UI and the advanced filter is ready to work

  • Example:

Thanks & Regards,


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