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There are many blogs  to create repository when our BODS is installed in MS SQL Server.This small blogs will help you understand how to create a repository when data services is installed  in HANA database.


Create a user in the tenant HANA database where data services is installed:


Step2-once the user is created ,go to the installer location of dataservices-$LINK_DIR/bin

run the below command in your sidadm

. ./

Step3-Run the below command to check repo already exists if not create a new one.

Check repository ./repoman -ULR_Test -Pxxxxx -Shostname -p3xx15 -s -NHANA -QSID -v

Create Repository--./repoman -ULR_test -Pxxxxx -Shostname -p3xx15 -s -NHANA QSID -c



you should get the message at the end repository is successfully created.


Step4-Now once the repository is created,we have to register it in CMC:

Go to the cmc link-https://hostname:port/BOE/CMC and login with your admin password


Once you are in CMC,navigate to data services:

Go to Manage and click on Configure Repository


Provide the details of repository created in previous state and make sure the password is correct and the test connection should result in success.

Once the repository is created it will be available in the list:

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