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Recently I was involved in a project to create a fine tuning activity which act like any maintenance table in SAP CRM. The purpose of this fine tuning was to create entries in it & later using it in scripts and avoid any hard coding of any attribute values in code.

To create a BCO we have to provide atleast one mandatory field which should be unique , for example ID in my requirement.

But unlike any fine tuning activity we do not want to enter any ID value manually as it should be unique & we might make mistake once table entry increases .

To solve it we can create a counter on ID field which will increment after every add row operation .

Finally it would look like as shown below

To achieve it open BCO QA view in UI designer and follow below steps

  • Create a data field in data model as counter

  • Go to controller and open ADD Row event Handler

  • Create a script type and write below ruby code code

  • $data.Counter = $data.BC_SETS.RowCount
    $data.Counter = $data.Counter + 1

  • Next create a DataOperation type and assign counter field to data list as shown below


Note : I am still finding why counter increased from 1 to 3 but purpose to create unique ID's will be solved.

Happy Learning !
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