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Few days back user asked us to copy one WorkBook into his favorites from another user’s  favorite.In this document I explained how ,we can copy in a simple way. We can do this in 3 simple steps.

We can copy a Workbook from one user favorites to different user favorites using Function Module “FAVOS_EVENT_ADD_TO_USER_SHELF”

Following are the Steps to copy a Workbook from one user favorites to different user favorites :   


     Step 1 :

          Goto Se11

          Provide Table Name SMEN_BUFFC

          And Click on “Display” .

Goto display contents and the following screen will appear.

Provide the user name which we want to copy the workbook.Execute.


The following screen will appear.

You can see the favaorite reports and workbooks of the user.

The below highlited are the favorite workbooks of the user, the feild "Report" which contaims RRMX.

For example if we want to copy the first workbook to another user.

Double click on the row to know the details of the workbook.

Step 2 :

Goto SE37

Provide Function Module name “FAVOS_EVENT_ADD_TO_USER_SHELF”


Provide the details as below

USER_NAME : User ID where we want to copy the WorkBook.

Provide details for the following as we noted in SMEN_BUFFC Table in Step1.

Target_ID, ReportType, SAP_Guiid, Text,  Book_Info, X_POS,Y_POS


After that we can observe 1 entry in USER_SHELF value as shown below


Step 3:

After excuting the function Module we can check the SMEN_BUFFC table for the second user, whether the workbook is added or not.

We can see the added workbook for second user which is highlighted.

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