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In this blog post i am going to explain the SSH keys conversion from .p12 to .ppk, which is downloaded from the TrustedCAs (SAP PI/PO NWA).

SSH keys are playing the main role in SFTP server secure connectivity authentication, we have multiple authentication options like Basic Authentication (User Id and Password) and SSH key based authentication (User Id and SSH private Key),  if we want to access SFTP server using third party tools like WinSCP or FileZilla then we need User ID and SSH key with Passphrase but in case if we lost the our SSH key and Passphrase and want to retrieve the SSH Key and Passphrase then no need to worry we have a alternative option those keys are available in NWA trustedCAs with those keys we can retrieve the SSH key and Passphrase with following steps and can access the SFTP server using the User Id and SSH private Key.

Step-1 Go to NWA ----> Configuration -----> Security ----> Certificates and Keys then search TrucstedCAs

You need to select the certificate which is going to convert. p12 to. ppk

Once we download the. p12 files from the NWA then this file we need to place into the OpenSSL bin folder as shown below

Then we need to right click on the OpenSSL and run as administrator

Step -2 Now Need to convert .p12 key to .pem format for this need to run the below command

OpenSSL pkcs12 -in concur-rsa.p12 -out concur-PEM.pem

Once we execute command it will ask .p12 password, once enter the password then it will ask set password for the .pem  once set the password .pem file will generated in the OpenSSL bin folder as below.

Step-3 Generate .key file from the .pem file which is generated in step-2  with the below command.

Now .key file generated in the OpenSSL bin folder

Step-4 Now will generate .ppk  file using putty Key generator tool

.key file need to import into Putty Key Gen and save .ppk file into the local desktop and use in WinSCP tool.

save the .ppk private key.

Step -5 Finally we have generate .ppk Key with this Key and User id  we can access the SFTP server using WinSCP or FileZillal third party tolls.


Finally with above instruction we can convert the .p12 key to .ppk and will access the SFTP sever from WinSCP or FilleZilla using User ID and SSH Private key.


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