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This document is valid  for SAP BW on HANA 7.4 installed on the server with packages sp5 and above:

In the current era of advance versions of  BW on HANA or native HANA , we may not find the old BW objects like Infocubes, Standard DSO, Infobject etc. anymore in  future days of  data modeling . But until all SAP BW projects move to BW on HANA 7.5 ( or above)  we have the relevance of consuming those BW objects in SAP HANA .

This document is  more pictorial self-explanatory presentation

From BW on HANA 7.3 release we have the feature of consuming BW objects into SAP HANA directly.

From BW 7.4 onwards automatic HANA view creation is also available from SAP BW workspace.

There is automated way to get all info providers to be available in HANA studio as views, we need to just enable the check box as shown in below screen shots.

View would be generated in hana studio in "System-local--> BW2HANA>>BW Package.

There are 2 ways to use BW objects in HANA studio

1) By Enabling the checkbox of External HANA View in  BW object Settings

2) By Manual import  of the objects in  HANA Studio

This document will depict  step by step approach , how we can achieve that

1)      By Enabling the  checkbox of External HANA View in  BW object Settings:

a)      Infoobject:

External SAP HANA view for master data :  To generate Attribute view

        External sap HANA view for Master Data Infoprovider  :  To generate Analytic view

Infoobject as Master Data:

Go to the Master Data tab of Infoobject

Infoobjet as Infoprovider:

Test infobject is appeared as Attribute view in  "System-local--> BW2HANA>>BW Package under the Attibute View.

When Infoobject is used as Infoprovider it will appear under Analytic Vie folder

b) DSO :

  • For DSO and Infocube a new checkbox is made available in  the settings tab “External SAP HANA view for reporting”. If this flag is set accordingly, an external SAP HANA analytical view is generated automatically with the activation of DSO.

c)       Composite provider:

At the time of creating Composite Provider from SAP BW modeler perspective of HANA Studio , we have to tick the check box of external SAP hana view . A calculation view will be created automatically .

d)       Infocube:

Same as DSO - Analytic view will be created under the Analytic folder in HANA .

Below settings we need to do in BW

e) BeX Query:

You can expose the Query directly as a SAP HANA view, no need for replication.

Goto TCODE :RSDDB Choose  Quey as infoprovider ,

click on  Release Query as infoprovider

then  create

go to SAP HANA/BWA Settings Tab

and  enable the External HANA Repository view  , then Activate and fill index.

2)      By Manual import  of the BW objects in  HANA Studio:

We can directly import the BW objects directly in HANA Studio.

At the time of importing the Info cube  we  need to choose any  Package whatever available in HANA . It will create one  Calculation View and one  Analytic view in the respective folders for Analytic view and Calculation view.

In case of DSO if we import from BW it will create Analytic view only.

If it is Infoobject it will create an Attribute view after importing into HANA

Without importing the BW objects in  BW-HANA Modeler perspective, we can also directly add  any BW objects into any of the Views ( CALC, AN, AT ..) See below in the plus sign marked in the canvas. We will get all available BW objects in the form of tables.

We have to add the BW objects as ( P-table, A-table( Active Data table), F-table, D-Table….)

If you add the P tables, A tables etc. you need to maintain the text description manually using joins with other required text tables.

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