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in this blog i will explain how to connect a PI with the IDM.

Create a User in the PI

In the PI you must create a technical user who has Access to the PI. (Please contact your PI-Professional to generate the User)
You can also give this user full access to the PI.

Create a Package in the IDM-Developmentstudio

In the IDM Developmentstudio you have to create a "asjava-Package".

(I created it with this package and it works)

I did it with the following instructions from the SAP-Help-Site:

     Connecting an AS Java System with Database as UME Data Source

Create a Repository in the IDM Admin UI

After you have create the new package, you must create a new repository.

In the IDM Admin UI do the following.

After you do this you must determine the leading systgem for Attributs.

You can read follow documentation form the SAP help site:

Determining the leading System for Attributes

Run the "Initial Load"-Job

Once you have done the upper Points you must run the Job "Initial load" from the IDM Admin UI.

Once you have run the Initial Load Job, the connector loads the users to SAP IDM according to the mapping betwen the IDM and the AS Java attributes.

If the job ends with "ok", now you are able to provide new user from the IDM to the PI.

I hope this documentation isn't wrong but for me it works.


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