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Steps to connect corporate git(Azure) from BAS account.

  1. Initially, we need to setup connection in cloud connector for git.

  2. Configure destination in BTP cockpit

  3. Create a PAT token from your Azure account - Security. (Provide full access, atleast for initial testing.)

  4. Convert <Azure user id>:<PAT Token> as base64 .

  5. Go to BAS and open file /home/user/.gitconfig and add below.
    extraHeader = Authorization: Basic bEF0aVV3LmRhdmlzOml8ZXc9YxZ2ZnViN2FxM4k1M3I1aWNlehRzdGVyZmxqZHVvY5p1MjNjZnQyN2E1amxnNWE=​

  6. Create a repository in Azure TFS and try to clone in BAS .


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