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The official SAP Help Guide for Lumira at walks you through the steps.

First you have to go to your users file - for example c:\users\<user name>\.sapvi and you will find files named enrichment_suggestions.version number.txt

I have filenames going back to enrichment_suggestions.1.17.0, with the latest being enrichment_suggestions.1.21.0

So I thought I would try it out - as an example, Lumira wants to auto-enrich the field name "SUBMISSION_TITLE" to be a measure when it is really a dimension.

You can see from the above that Lumira wants to consider SESSION_TITLE to be a measure.

I open up the rules file using Wordpad

In the above I have added SESSION_TITLE to the rule to hide for measures.

I save this change and re-launch Lumira Desktop:

You can see from above the rule worked as now SUBMITTER_TITLE is no longer a measure.

I am looking forward to learning more at BI 2015 next year.

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