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This blog will focus on content customization concept of Technical Monitoring which is not mandatory element but can simplify life for support teams or enhance the usage of Technical Monitoring and Alerting framework in an efficient manner.


The days for choosing the product for SAP Monitoring are almost gone now. The time we are gifted with Solution Manager 7.1 everything is changed and all the credit goes to SAP Development team for making these huge changes in the 7.1 version(of course 7.2 is coming) but yet a year to go for it.


In short, no need to go for procurement of a new monitoring tool as good practice is in place, forget comparing or asking question whether this will work or not. It has brought all the best metrics provided by SAP for almost all well known OS, DB and Applications simplifying the life of implementation experts. I know many people will say its not that easy to implement but yes as compared to CCMS or old concept things are much stable.


At least I have seen all our customer's enjoying this from past several years with continuous support from SAP and part of RUNSAP Implementation Partner's family we are a bit lucky to know things first :smile: as well to make things crispy.


In this blog, I will provide the steps to customize the Alert Subject in Technical Monitoring Alert Notifications which are received via Email. e.g. in MS Outlook


The reason for this is that today for large customer/bigger landscape, we always have a big group of system and post enabling the monitoring capability of Solution Manager 7.1 along with Notification setup creates a huge impact over email group/support group ID's.


Thus, if we are performing monitoring for a system and in case it has an issue then system raises an alert and also trigger an email as per configuration.


Many times, I have noticed people just activate standard templates without much of customization due to certain reason but the end result looks below for a support person email inbox.

Today almost every support team member is getting a panic situation by looking above scenario where its impossible to know which system is having issue or where is the problem.


In other words this is a much bigger problem for support people before they can actually re-solve the real problem.


Yes, this grows more severe with number of system increased and therefore proper configuration should be planned well ahead as part of implementation before its getting too late.


There is a very simple way to customize the SUBJECT/HEADER of these automatic emails/notifications so that the system name can be added along with the Alert Description.


Let us begin with configuration.


Step 1 - In solman_setup transaction, choose the Technical Monitoring ->Configure Infrastructure – Configure Manually step(make sure proper ID is being used like Solman_admin etc to have necessary authorization)



Step 2 – Next, choose the Content Customization and click the Web Dynpro URL link. This will trigger or open the customizing window for us.




Step 3 – Now depending upon the requirement and way we would like to have the subject for the email notification. we can change here the header for automatic notification. e.g. Maintain the settings for Email and the Email Subject as below and SAVE.



Step 4 – Make sure to change status to Content Customization Step to Performed. I know many people will say what is the need yes it is good way to keep track of the steps you have done or letting others to keep aware of it. further, you can also document it by making a comment of what has been done. in the Comment section.




Steps 5 – Last, make sure to perform the Apply & Activate the Templates with this new changes for notification as per relevance.


Result - Yes, we will get a different and much better output in our email inbox now.


It is easier to understand which of the systems are having issue as Alert Notification are stating the names or SID's with specific issues belonging to each of them.


I hope you guys have enjoyed it as again there is no development done and our purpose is achieved.


Kindly check another one recently published in case you would like to customize the alert name in Alert Inbox as well.

How To - Change/Customize Alert Name in Technical Monitoring Workcenter

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