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In this Blog post we will understand how can we capture the Entries within TVARVC Table in a Transport Request for moving it across systems.

Before we proceed with the steps lets understand the Purpose of TVARVC Table below :


TVARVC is standard table given by SAP to store the data under variants. we can put the values in TVARVC table to avoid hardcoding and/or creation of custom tables.


Now that we have got a bit of overview of the purpose of TVARVC Table existence , lets try to understand how do we move the entries we make within this table across different system (Dev > Quality > Production)

Lets try to understand it via Steps below :

  1. Go to SE16 Tcode , and give the Table name which is TVARVC in our case.


2. Click Enter and the Give the Values you want to Capture in TR in Variable Name Field as in the following Snapshot and Click Execute.


3. Once you are within the Table ,

a. Select the Entries that you want to Capture within Transport request.

b. Once you are done selecting entries ,  Click More Option from Menu Bar > Table Entry > Transport Entries

c. Once you click on Transport Entries , It will give you a pop-up to Collect the entries in Transport request , Select the already existing TR or Create a new TR as per your  requirement.


4. Once you select the Transport Request for capturing Entries , Your entries are captured within that particular TR which you can use for moving the entries across systems.



By Following the above steps , you can capture the entries you make in TVARVC for your requirements and move it across systems this enables direct capturing of entries from within TVARVC table.


— Sources of the pictures are screenshots I have taken from SAP and no image is taken from the internet.


Hope the above Information added a bit of value to your time and knowledge .

If you enjoyed reading it do give it a Like and would be happy to read your feedback in the comments section.



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