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SAP BW 3.x & SAP BI Net Weaver 2004s.

Author Bio

Gopinath Ramalingam is working as SAP Consultant with Cognizant technology solutions

He has got experience and worked on various BW/BI/BO Implementation/Support Projects.


When we are applying patches or in case of SAP server migration, Basis team will bring both ECC and BW System in down state. At that point of time, all the delta record will be moved to BW system ,then the BASIS team can apply the patches/migrating the server activity.

Before clearing the queue, user must locked in the SAP ECC & BW system and also suspend the jobs done by basis team .Also we need to stop the posting from the client, otherwise continuously delta update in the system

Steps to clear Outbound Queue

1. Check the LBWQ t.code and clear the outbound queue using the LBWE.


2. Go to LBWE transaction code and click the Job Control.          


Then click Start date.


Set the Print param



Select ‘Immediate’.


Click Schedule job


Click Job overview


Then check the LBWQ


Now, the queue MCEX03 has been cleared. Likewise move the queue MCEX11, MCEX12 and MCEX13 from LBWQ to RSA7.

Once all the queues clearing activity is completed, we can check on t-code LBWQ having no entries.


Steps to clear Delta Queue:

Check the RSA7 and move the data into BW System using Info Package.


Go to Info package and trigger the delta.


Now, the 2LIS_02_SCL becomes zero by default.


Likewise proceed with all the extractor. Now, all the extractor must be zero (0).



To confirm the delta queue,

Check the SMQ1 transaction code if any Queue Name start with MCEX** or Destination BWCLNT*** (i.e. your BW System name).


If any entries are available then trigger the equivalent Info package in the BW System.

Finally, our SMQ1 should not have any entries like MCEX** and BWCLNT** queue. (See below screen shot)

The below two entries are invalid posting or error record in the system and can be ignored. 


Select the queue and display the detail of the record.


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