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There are two tools, SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool (HWCCT) and Minichecks, for checking the health of SAP HANA System.

There could be more than these two tools but I want to mention about HWCCT and Minichecks in my document and give the detailed how to guides of these tools.

Notes and links that needs to be read;

1943937 - Hardware Configuration Check Tool - Central Note

Install the SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool


1969700 - SQL statement collection for SAP HANA

1999993 - How-To: Interpreting SAP HANA Mini Check Results

How to use Hardware Configuration Check Tool (HWCCT);

There is an attachment in note 1943937 named SAP_HANA_Hardware_Configuration_Check_Tool_1.8.pdf. You can find general info, detailed configuration and usage of the tool in this note and document.

There is a section (2.9.1 Install the SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool) in SAP HANA Administration Guide for the tool, too.

Below you can find the practice of this tool on our scale up HANA System.

1- Determine the right tool for your hardware

You should find your appliance on CERTIFIED SAP HANA® HARDWARE DIRECTORY and go to the details. Find your hardware's certified scenario like the one in below picture. Then check the note 1943937 to find the right tool. Eg: "All HWCCT tests of appliances (compute servers) certified with scenario HANA-HWC-AP SU 1.1 or HANA-HWC-AP RH 1.1 must use HWCCT of SAP HANA SPS10 or higher or a related SAP HANA revision".

2- Download the determined tool, copy to the server and install it

From swdc you can find the tool "SAP HANA HW CONFIG CHECK 1.0" under SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0 and download it.

Install with SAPCAR -xf HWCCT_112_xxxx.SAR

3- Prepare the test_config.json file

There are 3 test modules; Landscape Test Module, File System Test Module, NetworkTest Module.

There is a Caution for File System and NetworkTest Modules in the document that " The test should only be used before going into production. It should only be used on production machines when this has first been requested by SAP Support"

Preperation of the json file is described in detail and templates are given for all test modules. I prepared mine like below. By checking the caution above you can use either test id 1 or all of them according to your scenarios. I also attached the json file to the document.

4- Run the tool and the result

Login to your HANADB host system

Change directory to the folder hwcct

hanaprd:/hana/shared/hwcct112 # source

hanaprd:/hana/shared/hwcct112 # ./hwval -f test_config.json

And the result will be like this;

Could be like this also;

How to use Minichecks

The other tool for healthcheck is Minichecks that are coming with the note 1969700 - SQL statement collection for SAP HANA as attachments.

This tool is explained in detail in the document Keeping your HANA system healthy with Mini Checks by r.konijnenburg

This is how I applied the tools.



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