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This blog post is mainly to help the sap basis Guy (SAP Manager) who have to do a lot of google in order to find the information regarding the SAP Applications that are being currently used for any organization.

I thought to write this blog post because in some organization you could see sap is charging their customer for its software license and user license support for those products as well which aren't in used in your company. Just hold on before making a wrong Repo of SAP. Its not because of SAP but the person in charge for managing SAP in your landscape is not doing his homework for any reason.

I up fronted the same situation in my current company.Actually at  the time of agreement they have contract with SAP for around 5 Applications but when i just did a go through of the landscape and sap launchpad i found total inconsistency in between them and i come up with little monetary gain for my organization.

This is what i did and how you could do the same to Find inconsistency.

1.Take EULA from your sap manager or the purchase team(whosoever is having it).

In the Eula check the total software that are included in the Contract with SAP.

Also take the BOM that was given from SAP to your organization at the time of installation.

2.Take a tour of sap launchpad and simply visit the total number of installation that are currently active in your landscape.You could achieve it as below.

from their just check the active,expired and deleted installation.

So here the catch is your enterprise should pay to sap only for active installation not for the Expired or deleted one.But in my case their were around 3 applications that were not in used but my organization was paying to SAP for those applications which are also not in used. Reason was very simple no body took care of it.

IT happens where people does not understand the value of SAP.

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