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This guide provides instructions on how to check the changes made in Rules & Decision Table in different versions.

Objective : This document is targeted for

Note: This Document Holds good for all CE 7.3 SPXX.

Step 1: Log in to rules manager using the url http://<Server>:<port>/rulesmanager

Note : Use the user to log in which has the SAP_BRM_ADMIN roles assigned to it and has full or read permission to the project.

Step 2: Select the Rules Projects , click on open project and go select Active Version:

Step 3: Select the "RuleSet" for which the version is to be checked.

Step 4: Right click on the "RuleSet" to view the options. Select "Version History".

Step 5: Once Clicked the following would be visible.

Note : Here we could select a previous version and "Activate" it too.

Step 6: Select the version you want to compare with and Click on "Compare With" button to select the other version.

(Here as an example we are comparing with the "Working Copy" and version 4)

Note : The Decision Tables was modified so it is highlighted. Similarly if Rules or Decision Tables are Added , Deleted or Modified it will be highlighted.

Step 7: Select the Decision Table and Click on Compare.

Note : Once clicked on Compare the difference can be viewed as shown bellow.

Note : How to Download & Upload Decision Table from Rules Manager in CE 7.3

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