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I was changing my SAP System SID and i thought it will be useful to share the used procedure which is extracted from System Rename guide and Available SAP NOTES .

I Hope my first blog will be on expected Level at least for beginners .

This Blog explains how to rename an SAP system using software provisioning manager 1.0.Which is the successor of the product- and release-specific delivery of provisioning tools, such as SAPinst and part of the Software Logistics Toolset . for more information check SAP NOTE 1680045

It is valid for SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver releases described on the following  SAP NOTE 1619720  - System Rename for SAP Systems based on SAP NetWeaver

Available on SAP Service Marketplace at: -> Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 -> Software Provisioning Manager.

by the way it is used also for

1-  Installation, copy, and transformation for products based on SAP  NetWeaver AS ABAP and AS Java

2- dual-stack split

3- System Rename

4- Frontend Installation and Distribution

You can rename the following SAP systems:

Systems installed by using the standard SAP tools.

Systems copied by using classical system copy (R3load/Jload or DB-specific procedure).

Systems created by using backup or restore with procedures offered by Microsoft Windows

Systems created by using SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization management

Cloned systems (virtual to virtual, virtual to physical, or physical to virtual)

In the following case i am trying to change the SAP System SID , DB SID , and NR for the Source System

which is based on  SAP NetWeaver 7.0x and Oracle DB and windows Server 2008 OS

SAP System SID = S6C


Nr= 00

to New SID the Target System

SAP System SID = T11

DB SID = T11

Nr= 11


Rename can be performed on primary application server instances – additional application server instances have to be reinstalled

according to your OS download Software Provisioning Manager1.0 Package  from SAP Service Marketplace at: ->  1.0 -> Software Provisioning Manager

Log on to your SAP system

Extract the SAR file

Running the Software Provisioning Manager

On the Welcome screen, choose the following:System Rename ==> central System ==> SAP system Rename

Follow the instructions in the input screens AS shown in the following Step

Select SAP System Rename

And Click Next

Enter the Required  Parameter for source system (SID) and target System (NEW SID, Global Host and Installation Drive)  And Click Next

SAP Global Host is giving by default

If you Plane to use Virtual Host Name Make sure that the the virtual host name is bound to local network interface

For the Target Instance Number

Do not use the following numbers:

43 - used by MSCS "in case you are using MSCS"

89 - used by Windows Terminal Server

Click Next

Enter the Source SID and Target SID and Host Name For the Database and  New Password For Oracle Schema


Enter exactly the central instance number and SID that you have entered during the central instance installation.

If you choose different domain you have to follow the procedure of Changing Windows Domain in System Rename guide

Click next

the above step will be required in case you did not perform Maintaining Users and Groups Step

Enter the Password for the following OS user (<SID>ADM ,SAPService <SID>)

Click Next

if you like to change the ORACLE HOME deselect the checkbox of rename Oracle Software

Click next

Leave the field Empty

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Make sure your SAP System IS down

Click Next

Click OK

System rename finished successfully


Follow-up Activities

Potentially, all follow-up activities for a system copy are also valid for the rename of your SAP system  For more information, see the system copy documentation

1-      check the New SID name on OS Level in the following Directories



2 -       Logon to sap SAP system and as you have New Server Name Adapt your configuration accordingly

3-      Run an installation check: Administration System administration Administration Installation Check(transaction SM28).

4-      Perform server check (transaction SM51)

5-      Adapt the Transport Management System (transaction STMS) According to the New SID if it is required

6-      Delete all entries from the following tables: ALCONSEG, ALSYSTEMS, DBSNP, MONI, OSMON, PAHI, SDBAD, SDBAH, SDBAP, SDBAR as it is Contain log and Monitoring data related to the Old SID

7-      Adapt all Background jobs needed in the SAP System

8-      Adapt the definition of the printers to meet the new system

9-      Adapt the RFC destination:  (transaction SM59).

10-     Adapt Your Operation Mode If it is configured

11-     Adapt Your Logical System According to your naming convention was used

12-     Adapt the instances and profiles

13-     Adapt CCMS settings (for example, alert thresholds, reorganization parameters of CCMS table MONI) if required.

14-     Replace all existing PSEs in the target systems with new ones, which contain the new system's information

15-     Add your System To the SLD

Restarting the SAP System


Best Regards

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