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I would like to change the SAP Logo and replace it with my company image. So I have Searched on various links / forums but could not find any relevant document for SAP Portal version version 7.4 .

Also I found out there is a difference in changing themes, framework page configuration for 7.4 (not like the ones that we used to do in earlier versions of Portal), Recent Enterprise portal versions include the new UI Theme designer.

1) Login to SAP Portal using your credentials, User should have Super admin authorization.

2) After Login user will get roles based on user authorization, you can find lot of roles in above screen because so many roles are assigned to my userid.
3) Go to Content Administration-->Portal Display-->Portal Themes. By default you should have below screen

4) Click ok UI Theme Designer under Portal themes
5) You will get below screen


6) Now select theme which you want to customize, Select theme then click on Open button which is highlighted in blue color. After that you will get below screen

7) Select Portal control preview which is highlighted in above screen

8) Select check box for Ajax Framework Pages in above screen, under target pages select Ajax framework page which is highlighted in below screen shot

9) On the right side of screen you can  find 4 icons.

10) First one is quick theming, this changes will affect basic color changes for background color of text , links color etc..
11) Our interest in expert theming , Here if you change any parameter then it reflects in the preview. Once you select expert theming right side second icon then you will have below screen

12) There is one option to select categories in expert mode. For that you have to select icon besides view options

13) Now you can see categories are highlighted below, In that select masthead categories

14) Once you selected Masthead then parameters will change automatically. Here we have to select required parameters using search option
15) For log changes search for parameter sapPrtAFPMastheadLogoImage

16) Logo height and width can be adjusted using parameters sapPrtAFPMastheadLogoImageHeight and sapPrtAFPMastheadLogoImageWidth
17) Many parameters you can change for look and feel based on your client requirement
18) Don’t forget save and build

19) Now theme is ready , Assign new theme and Framework page to Portal desktop

20) Assign Portal desktop to master rule


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