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I have created this How-To document in wiki last year. Since wiki has yet to be integrated in SCN and apart from using google, I can't actually find this article easily. Hence, I have decided to copy it over to SCN. If this conflicts with the SCN rules, please kindly let me know. Thanks.

From time to time when users change their computer or laptop, they aren't happy with the font size on their SAP screen, mostly find them too small. Here are the step-by-step instructions that you can share with your users on how to change SAP font size on their screen.

SAPGUI versions: 7.2, 7.3
Operation Systems:: WinXP, Win7

1. On the top left SAP screen, click the icon and choose Options

2. Under Visual Design, select Font Settings. Click the button beside 'Fixed width Font Settings'.

3. Select the size that you want e.g. 14 and click OK button to close.

4. The new font size 14 is picked. Click Apply button, follow by OK button to close.

5. Close ALL SAP screens, including SAPLogon Pad

6. Relaunch SAPLogon Pad, you can see the font is bigger now

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