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Below are the steps to collect a Design Studio Application in a BW Transport Request!

Step 1. Upon launching your Design Studio make sure the preferences under the Tools dropdown have the following settings. When you do this, the Design Studio will restart itself and enables you to choose the environment you want it to work on i.e DB2, XB1 or PB1.

Step 2: you could always check the bottom of the application you are working on to know which platform you are working on. i.e DB2 is for Dev and Local is for Local mode.

Step 3: If you are developing a new application, save your work by clicking on the save button.

Step 4: Now you should collect your application in a transport request so that you can move it across to XB1.

           Goto RSA1 of DB2 à Transport connection à More Types à Design Studio Application and collect your application here and give a transport request!

Step 5 : Select your application here

Step 6 : Hit the truck and you will be prompted with a Transport Request screen

Step 7 : Name your transport here and assign a package

Step 8 : Goto SE10 for your BW Workbench and release your transport from here!

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