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Hi all,

It’s saptd -season and I want to share my plan how to survive it.

This year it's my second time to be there, my first time as a mentor and I’m really excited. As a lesson learned from last year I’m looking forward to not pack my calendar that full. Of course I got some I must attend sessions and of course there are a lot more “must attend” but I’m fair enough to know that I’m not able to handle it.

So that means, I (you also) need a plan how to decide. For that I have made me a decision card I want to share with you. So feel free to use it.

What does my plan look right now? Let's have a look...

To use the words of SAP

:razz: In other words, it's not final yet. Reasons for that could be that I meet you and we have a nice talk, so networking is more important to me than most of the sessions you can see on the list.

I promise I will attend the Codejam-Miniedition hosted by thomasfiedler to give him a hand.

Also the Adobe-Roadmap session is one I will attend for sure. It sounds awesome that customers can now use HCP as ADS (Adobe Document Stack) and I got some questions :wink: .

Additional to that I will take my time to visit the developer-garage, because I missed it last year and hope to get there some useful tips how to handle my hcp-account. Not that I got something specific in my mind, but you know, talking about how you do it can improve it.

In case you haven't heard about it, have a look here: Getting Ready for the Developer Garage at SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona

Of course, these timeline is completed with the mentor-activities, but I think you have now a good overview why I’m excited about Teched and I will also take my time to be at the network area to meet old friends and make new ones.

So stop by and say hello. By the way, there is an additional reason to meet a mentor. You can earn various badges here on SCN. Have a look at Jason’s blog which explains what you need to do. 

Limited Edition #CatchAMentor Mission Badges at #SAPtd

Enough talked about it. I’m looking forward to meet you at Teched!

Last but not least here is a picture of one attendee at Teched, guess who :lol:



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