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Life is forcing you sometimes to change the context of composite provider. Many times I had a situation when I have to replace the ADSO to CalcView. But what if somethings goes wrong and you have to recreate assignments for all object once again ? It is not simple, in perfect world there should be a possibility to create a copy of existing hcpr and restore it when needed. Since now, it is possible, you can just reuse my GitHub development !


1.Initial state


2. Restore process



  1. Backup existing context of Composite Provider

  2. Restore context from backup

  3. Preview simple context definition from backup in ALV

How to install ?

They are two possibilities of installation:

  1. Recomended: Clone the repository using ABAP Git :

  2. Copy full program from last_build folder and text elements from here

Something is not working

Kindly please open an GitHub issue.
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