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Today i was trying to discover the root cause of a SMSY data migration in step 5.3 of System Preparation of Solman_setup, we start working with our solution manager around 4.0 release or less (i didn't know solman on that ages), that days my company colleges usually create managed system information manually in smsy, servers, data base host, product systems, etc... Then, when we star on the first setup of Solution Manager VAR scenario we use data providers as SLD, RFC and create the information from that data providers or from SAP marketplace license data.

After that the current situation is a mix of old manually data, old sap marketplace data, and new LMDB data fron SLD data sources in solution manager 7.1 that make us that situation:

Well, after that huge number of errors we have to start with a single system to investigate the cause of the problem, the first system is:

A72AMZ01  - 0020209397 A72 Netweaver 7.2 - No relevant product instance found for product SAP BI ACCELERATOR

>>> You can go Directly to the Trick without reading the initial problem <<<

Lest go to search that system in solution manager, remember that on solution manager 7.1 SMSY is "recommend" to not be used, so we search the system trough "Solution Manager Administrations", "Solution Manager Configuration" workcenters and LMDB but the system is not missing in each of that option, obviously not in LMDB because the system can be migrated on the before picture.

Well, beside SAP recommendations i try to search for the system in SMSY, but I get a nice surprise because we use "data separation" in solution manager. If you use Data separation you will be asked to select with customer data you are looking for, but as you can see on "migration problems" you don't know the customer from the affected system, so you can't find the system in SMSY as not as you select without customer assignment or public.

We have a liter sigh, because we can search the customer name with the installation number from the "smsy migration list", the installation number is "0020209397". So with that i try to search the lost system in "Solution Manager Administration" and "Landscape browser" 7.1 work centers without success.

That's coming really hard to search a first system of a list of more that 300 with migration problems :???: , so after that situation i decide to try surfing trough debug to find a solution that allow me to see that system on SMSY, and discover the problem:

The Trick to disable "data separation" in SMSY with debuggin

Go to function module "SMSY_SHLP_BP_SPC_FOR_USER" that is used in search help when the system ask you to select one customer, navigate to line 78 and create a breakpoint.

The key is the internal table "shlp-selopt", after the breakpoint is set, go back to SMSY and trough debug tools change values from that internal table.

When the select customer screen appears you have to input ALL_CUSNRS in entry field. (if you don't do that, that trick don¡t work)

After to remove the "X" value from the low parameter in the internal table shlp-selopt you will be able to see all systems in SMSY.

Then, after that you can just open product system from the select object option inside SMSY

( You will have to repeat the debug edit any time you move in SMSY)

The customer is: 13416, so, now we can just select that customer on SMSY start and try to discover the problem with the migration of product system that have a "SAP BI ACCELERATOR 7.0" for that system, on the migration log from SMSY we can read something like that: "No relevant product instance found for product SAP BI ACCELERATOR", so lest go in SMSY in "Product Instance Selection".

( Yes, you can go to view V_AIINSNRS to discoer the customer number, but if I do that yo will not be able to see that trick working to use SMSY 😉 )

Humm, is that the problem ?

Lest go to try to solve that updating the flag. You are able to update that flag in SMSY without any problem in Solution Manager SP08.

Now lest go to check again the migration tool from solman_setup step 5. After the "Calculate Candidates" i see that it is not enough to select the relevant instance, it is necessary to assign a technical system. So, lets go to fix all errors after technical system assign type ( i get a lot of errors on the mapping of the SMSY technical system, like "Cannot map SMSY system type 'THIRDPARTY' to an LMDB system type" ). That part make me come back to SMSY technical system assignment more or less 5 times as i get the correct one.

When you solve all warnings in "SMSY", then you will be able to see that on "SMSY Migration Tool".

Final Words and lesson of my own experience to remember on future solman upgrades:

1.- If it's possible, try to do not upgrade the Solution Manager, a Flesh Installation will make you live easy.

2.- Never create system information manually.

3.- If any customer have wrong information in sap service marketplace, cal your customer to fix that before download it to solution manager.

4.- If you update AISUSER, V_AISAPCUSTNOS and V_AIINSNRS with all your customer information you will fill your Solution Manager of wrong Data.


I listen from some friends that on SP10 it's not possible to edit anymore system information on SMSY, so i can't test that in SP10. But, what will hapen when I upgrade my Solution Manager to SP10 ?

Who I can delete all that wrong system data from the solution manager if i can see it ?

Hope that post can be useful to someone with a similar situation.

Best regards,


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