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This document describes the process to apply license in BODS system with screenshot.However it is not a substitute of the main administration guide which is available in Market place.

License Manager 

After initial BODS installation system runs on a trial license for 90 days.After that we have to go for permanant license key.License Manager can be used only in command-line mode. You can use it to manage your product activation keycodes—the alphanumeric codes that are referred to each time that you run certain software. By using License Manager, you can view, add, and remove product activation keycodes for SAP solution portfolio software (such as SAP Data Services) that require them.

License Manager accesses keycodes on the local system only; you cannot access the keycodes from a remote system. When updating keycodes, make the changes on all SAP Data Services computers by launching License Manager on each computer, including Designer and Job Server computers

If you are running a Windows operating system, you will not be able to add or remove license keycodes unless you have Administrator privileges. For those with non-administrator privileges, only the -v and --view parameters are available for use.

Starting License Manager on Windows

You can run License Manager after the SAP Data Services installation has completed.

  1. Choose Start-->Programs-->SAP Data Services 4.2-->SAP License Manager-->Run as administrator.

A command line window opens displaying License Manager command line options.

Request a permanent license key

Register the system in SAP Service Marketplace if it is not already done under SAP Data Services Category.

Please follow SAP Note# 1251889 to know the steps for requesting permanent license key.




Apply License

Use below command to apply the license

LicenseManager -a <Key downloaded from Marketplace>

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