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The aim of this article is to show some examples of the great user experience a General Accountant can have using new SAP Fiori Apps (version SAP S/4HANA 1909) instead of the traditional SAP GUI.

This article illustrates:

  • The extended capabilities of the search magnifier in SAP Fiori (steps 1 to 3)

  • The enhanced visual capabilities of a sales document flow (steps 4 to 5)

  • The new T-account visualisation of a G/L posting (steps 6 to 😎

Let’s consider the following business case.

Sara the new Sales Assistant for the ABS corporation has been asked by her Sales Manager to have an update on a sales order. She has just arrived in the Company and unfortunately, she has no access to SAP yet. She decides to ask Geraldine, the General Accountant:

“Hi Geraldine, how is it going? Could you please tell me what is the status for the sales order 2710? My Sales Manager would like to know if this sales order has been delivered?”

To answer this question Geraldine will use the new SAP Fiori Launchpad (SAP S/4HANA 1909)


1. Geraldine enters SAP Fiori using her login and password.

She clicks on the search “magnifier” bouton on the top right-hand side to search directly for the sales order 2710 without entering the dedicated Sales Order App

2. Geraldine enters the sales order 2710 in the search area and presses the Enter Key

3. The search result shows all the results with the value 2710. The 2710 values (if several) are automatically highlighted in green which eases the way to see what she is looking for.

4. Clicking on the Sales order 2710 the Sales order App opens automatically and Geraldine can see instantly the updated status of the order.

She can tell Sara that the sales order 2710 has been delivered on the 05th of April 2020, invoiced but not yet paid.
She appreciates the new look and feel of a sales order process flow in SAP Fiori and the speed to find the answer. In a very few clicks, Geraldine was able to answer to Sara's request.

5. As SAP S/4HANA has just gone live last week in ABS Corporation, Geraldine decides to make additional checks in the General Accounting postings.

She would like to use the new SAP application Fiori which allows to display accounting postings with the T-account view and check the direct margin for this specific transaction.

She clicks on the invoice number and drills down to “Display Document Flow”

She selects two journal entries and clicks on “Display as T-accounts”.

6. Great! She can experience the new T-account view for the journal entries.

Geraldine can check very easily that the ABS Corporation has 9.91 USD of direct margin for this transaction.

The Accounts Receivables show a debit amount of 31.20 USD.

7. To have a clearer view Geraldine decides to tag the journal entries with different colours.


8. Her Manager prefers a tabular view, then she can visualize the journal entries in a more classical view just clicking on the "tabular view button.


Geraldine seems excited with this new SAP Fiori experience and she does not regret the SAP GUI visualization at all!

And you, what's your opinion on these new features? I would be interested to know your feeling about that.

Additional information

Video “The Power of SAP S/4HANA #1 - Display Journal Entries in T-account View” :

Fiori Apps Library: Fiori App code F3664
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