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Product and Topic Expert
UPDATE / 09.08.2019 / scroll down for the original post

There is a new post with bunch of features and examples:


UPDATE / 29.01.2019 / scroll down for the original post

Version 1.2.0-beta released.

New features are resource bundle texts hints and quick edit in XML views.

If manifest.json is present and contains a valid model entry, then:

Ctrl + e (quick edit):



UPDATE / 25.12.2018 / scroll down for the original post

Version 1.1.0-beta is released, with a lot of bugfixes and improvements, including:

  • refreshed UI5 docs panel

  • code hints and quick docs with more descriptions, inherited memebers and links to the full online documentation

Check the plugin page for all features:

ORIGINAL POST / 31.05.2018

I really like Brackets editor, but this post will be not about its pros and cons. I'm using it for almost all UI5 development (with a bunch of extensions). Once I have decided to make some helpful stuff just for me and - from a line of code to a line of code - it has grown up to a set of valuable features, I think...

I'm still working on it, but the current status of the extension is satisfactory enough to release it for a broader audience and get some feedback & bugs. So, if there are any Brackets users working with UI5 - help me, please! 🙂

What do you get

  • support for working with OpenUI5/SAPUI5 versions >= 1.52

  • code hints in JS code for UI5 object members (please read the explanation on the GitHub page)

  • tags & attributes hints for XML views

  • quick docs (Ctrl + k)

  • API reference side panel

  • oData mock data generation

  • 8 configurable code snippets for quick insertion

What do you need

Brackets editor, version >= 1.11

How to install

The extension is not yet in the official Brackets extension registry, so you can install it using GitHub (URL or ZIP file), please check the appropriate section in the readme file.

All functionalities are also described in the readme, so I won't be writing here about them.

If you decide to check it - thanks and I hope you will find it useful too 🙂

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