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The purpose of the wiki is to describe the steps that an individual should go through in order to add a Software Component as a dependency to another Software Component.


1. Navigate to SLD via http://hostname:port/sld and choose Software Components under Software Catalog as shown below

2. Find the SC to which you would like to add a dependency and select the Dependencies tab. From the Context drop down list, select whether you would like the dependency in BuildTime or RunTime and press "Define Prerequisite Software Component Versions"

3. Choose the component that you would like the SC to depend on and press again "Define Prerequisite Software Component" button

4. Next navigate to Development Configuration Management via http://hostname:port/devinf and choose "CM Services"

5. Filter by Stand-Alone system, choose the Track where the SC exists, select "Edit" , open the "Software Component Definition Tab" and press "Check SCs"

6. After the SCs check if all has been done correctly so far you have to see that there is a difference between the development configuration of the track and the SLD. The difference comes from the dependency that you have just added in the SLD. See the screenshot below.

7.The last step is to select "Update Development Configuration" button in order to equalize the track with the SLD.

8. Now go back to NWDS, Update the track and you will see the new dependency.

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