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How to Add or Remove a System from a ChaRM Project

In a Scenario such as needing to add a 4th system to a Logical Component (Pre-Prod), or Remove such a system, please follow the steps below:

In our example we have a Project: ERET_M

Logical component for a system S71: SAP SOLUTION MANAGER [Solution Manager ABAP Stack]


101 – Dev

102 – QA

103 – Pre Prod

104 – Training

105 – Prod

Retrofit : RIG 501

Basic steps:

Close current cycle of maintenance project

Save through the next phases until reaching

Being Completed:

Next Agree and Proceed Through,

Adjust Logical components as necessary

From SMSY:

Create a new Logical Component in LMDB


Click Display -> Change

Green Check to Launch LMDB

Add Technical System and Adjust Type

Use transaction Solar_Project_admin

Add / Remove appropriate systems (in this example, adding Test System 104)

Create New Task List

View Task List

Adjust TMS

Dev -> qa

Qa -> pre prod

Pre prod -> prod

Final Product

Dbl Click S71 and Remove Transport Layer, add Development System in table below



Check Project

Create new cycle

Activate CTS Functionality

Check the Landscape

Create Task List

Confirm Changes to Project Landscape in Task List:

Manually catch up transports where required.

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