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Hi Everyone,

I want to discuss the way in which we can use ODATA service into SAPUI5 application available into the Web IDE.

Right now when we are creating SAPUI5 application from Web IDE it is not asking to attach ODATA service and hence we are not able to access the service, I am writing this blog as I saw some blog where this question was raised.

Solution : To add ODATA service you have to follow below steps.

1. Create your sap ui5 application like you are creating.

2. Now select the application and go to File -> New -> Odata Service

3. Now from here it will be same as we are doing for FIORI.

4. After you finish with adding of odata service in your application , check manifest.json file and you will be able to see your service now added.

5. Now you have to do same as you are doing in FIORI to access the service.



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