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Hello everyone.

Let's get started with SAP Business Application Studio.

You can create a project from scratch using the project wizard, you can clone a project, or you can import an already existing project to your workspace. SAP Business Application Studio provides you with the tools you require for making your development experience more efficient and productive.

Sometimes UI developer needs to add one or more services in own application. Please follow the below steps:


  • Make sure that your administrator configured the required destination in your Cloud Foundry provider account.

  • Make sure that your workspace contains the project for which you want to consume the service.


  1. From the menu bar, click View  Find Command  Consume SAP Services.

      2.   From the dropdown list, select the project type to which you want to bind the service.

       3.  Select the project's module.

4.  Select the location of your data source.

If your data source resides within one of your SAP systems:

From the list of sources (destinations) displayed, select the relevant source: System URL, Service URL, or Catalog System URL.

1. If you selected System URL, enter the path to the specific service.

2. If you selected Catalog System URL, select the desired service from the list of exposed services displayed.

3. Enter the Username and Password of the backend system.

Now, we can see the list of the backend services. Select anyone service from the list.

After selecting the service, we can see the success message at the right side bottom of the screen.

If you want to check the selected services, then go to Your Project Manifest.json

If your data source resides in the SAP API Business Hub:

  1. Select the relevant API package (API Business Hub destination).

  2. Select the desired API from the list displayed.

Note: You may require to enter credentials for the selected service.


Once you select a data source, the metadata is retrieved and output is created depending on the project type you choose.

  • If you bound service for a Business Application project, a folder called external is created. This folder contains 2 subfolders:

    • edmx - Contains the retrieved data

    • csn - Contains a JSON file representing the CDS version of the metadata.xml file.

  • If you bound to service for an SAP Fiori UI application, all the necessary configurations are automatically added to the SAP Fiori app using the service in your UI.

Your inputs are always welcome!!

Thank you.
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