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You are using Solution Manager Change Request manager(ChaRM) for transporting changes between SAP systems. Often businesses need custom fields that are not part of SAP Standard transactions.


In this blog post you will learn how to add new fields on the CRM web UI which are not part of standard transactions. You can configure these fields by using the steps below:

Note: Do not make changes to standard transaction. Always modify customer transactions.


STEP1: To be able to make modifications to the webUI you must enable the configuration mode. Go to Personalize to top right hand corner of the page and enable the Configuration mode



STEP 2: Now go to the ChaRM change type in which you want to add a new field. Click the left most. "Show Configurable area".

Click in the highlighted blue area where you want to add the dropdown


Click Display Enhancements and select the enhancement. If you don't already have an enhancement package then first create one and then return to this step.
Enter Enhancement (<Enhancement Name>)   

Enter the Table. In below scenario we are using (CUSTOMER_H)

Enter the details

Enter the values for the drop down



STEP 3: Now let's add the dropdown to CRM UI

You can turn on the Technical mode if helps.

Search for the dropdown, select and add using + button. Edit mode.


Press Alt and Click the field to see the properties

Make the changes and adjust the field on the page where you want to keep it.

Make change and save it to the transport.


STEP 4 (Optional): You can also add this field in the search results

Traverse to the Search for Change Documents screen

Open the configuration mode

Search and select your field and adjust as per requirement. Save.



ChaRM front end UI provides flexibility of customizing the front end as per your requirements. You are also allowed to hide or relocate objects on the UI. The steps above can be followed for adding custom text boxes on the page as well. You can can also modify the properties of newly added fields using (Alt + Select field).  Always make sure you are modifying the Customer Configuration and not SAP Standard.

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