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Hello All;

In many cases you will need to activate, and define your http, https, and smtp ports. To do that you can check the following steps:

Run the t-code RZ10, and choose your profile, then click on extend maintenance, then click on change

2- Create the following four parameters:

Parameter Namerz10

Parameter Value









To create the above parameters in RZ10 click on create button at the top of the screen.

In the next screen add the four parameters one by one with the value for each parameter.

Note that you can choose your own time out, and proc time our or you can go with the default values suggested by the system

After providing the parameter name and value click on save to save your changes.

Go back to the initial screen of RZ10, and click save:

You will prompt with a message that you need to restart your SAP service in order for your changes to be activated.

Click on Continue:

Now go and restart your SAP service.

Then go to SMICM transaction and click on edit --> service

If you did not define the HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP at the system yet then at the same screen you exist now click on service create.

After your three ports creation you should be able to see the following:

Now in order to activate the three ports in SMICM you need to run the t-code "STRUST"

On the left hand side of the screen right click on each file, and then choose create. after that you should be able to see a green color next to each one as you can see in the following screenshot:

Now go back to run the t-code "SMICM" --> Goto --> Services.

Click on the first one "HTTP" then Service --> Activate.

Click on the second one "SMTP" then Service --> Activate.

Click on the first one "HTTPS" then Service --> Activate.

Now you should be able to see a green check next to each port:

Hope this was helpful

Best Regards

~Amal Aloun

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