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After seeing a lot of discussion threads in which techie's are facing issues while creating a new categorization schema when already a schema is active, I have decided to throw some light on how it work upon in such situations.

Assumption: I am considering that all knew how to create a categorization schema for the first time. So, I will explain how to create new schema from existing schema in this blog.


I will explain this scenario with the help of 3 schema.

  1. Existing schema (Schema 1)

  2. Version schema of existing schema (Schema 2)

  3. New schema (Schema 3)

So, I assume that there is already a categorization schema been used say schema 1.

Step 1: This schema 1 will have all customized transaction types assigned to it as shown in the below screen shot.

In schema 1, we will find all the transaction types which are mapped to this schema.

Step 2: Now, we will create a version of schema 1, say schema 2.

Why we need to create a version?

  • At a time, only one categorization schema can be active.

  • If you are creating a new schema from an existing one and if you need to assign transaction types, it throws an error like "Error: transaction type ZMIN has already been included in the categorization schema"

  • So to avoid such errors, this versioned schema will have no transaction types and will be activated.

  • Schema 1 will be changed deployed state i.e. inactive, when you activate schema 2

In this step, I have created a version from schema 1 and I have not assigned any transaction type to this schema i.e. schema 2.

Change the status from draft to released, so that schema gets activated.

Step 3: Once the versioned schema is activated, now you need to create the actual schema which is to be used. In this case, it will be schema 3 will be created by clicking on new option in schema 2.

In this schema (Schema 3), assign all transaction types and release it. At last, after releasing, this schema will be used for categorization.

To assign new transaction types, click on new in application areas as highlighted in below screenshot.

Note: I would suggest that the valid to date as near future.

I hope, the above explanation will get many clarified.

I will be most welcomed if you follow the above steps and comment below, in case of any queries/ clarifications.

Helpful Link:

Multilevel Categorization - SAP IT Service Management on SAP Solution Manager - SCN Wiki

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